My view now! 

I always like to have a coffee before going to work! It is relaxing and good! So enjoy my current view! And no this is not me in the picture! 😉


Bicycle and city!

These photos where taken a week ago! The story behind them is very simple! I leave in Greece and more specifically in Thessaloniki. We had a few days without any public transportation so I decided to make myself a gift! A bicycle! Going around town with the bike is something very different! You see places you never saw before. A different view of the town! A more beautiful one and calm at the same time!!
More pics will come later this week!! Stay tuned for them!! Enjoy!!

Η καρδιά μιλάει

Μουσική χαρά ζωή διασκέδαση
Ένας έρωτας αιώνιος
Βότκα και ποτό
Ζαλάδα σαν τον έρωτα
Καρδιά φωνή σφηνάκι
Όλα απλά και όμορφα!!

Απλά και όμορφα

Κοιτάς την ζωή και σου χαμογελάει.
Λες οτι όλα θα πάνε καλά
και η καρδιά σου γεμίζει με χαρα.
Ερωτευεσαι και ο κόσμος γύρω σου μοιάζει τόσο μικρός.
Αγαπάς και η κάθε σου μερα μοιάζει με την ευτυχία της άνοιξης!
Ζωή, Αγαπη, έρωτας, χαρα τόσο απλα και τόσο ομορφα! 🙂