Nutshell Application!

Hi! I have this application for quite a while and I just tried it! It’s perfect! You take 3 pictures, you add text and icons and the app makes it a video! But you have to try it to see what I am saying. Here is one of the videos I made today! Enjoy!

PS This post is not sponsored! I find interesting thing and I write about them for you!


Scannable App!!

Scannable! The best application of its kind! You want to take a pic of a document and share it with someone! That is the app for you! It does everything on its own! It’s fast and easy to use! Enjoy! Sorry that the photo of the App Store is in Greek! I cannot do anything to change that!!


iPhone accessories

New cases and accessories for my iPhone!! Bought them from eBay!! I can get you the link if you want. Just ask me for it!



Top 2 iPhone 5 case on Amazon!

Speaking of iPhone 5 cases i thought I should check on amazon which are one of the top ones! I will mention 2 of them since are a lot! So here are the photos and links of them.

1. The first one is the RUBAN Clear Waterdrop Raindrop Hard Case.




2. And the second one is the Akna Retro Floral Series Vintage Flower Pattern Semi-soft Back Case.



Both of them are for iPhone 5 / 5s of course.