Odeon platia

The photo I took today is from a very well known place at the center of Thessaloniki. Quiet but with many choices. You can find coffee shops, eating places, cinemas and clothing stores. Anything you might need in order to relax after a busy day at the center!


New posts!


Hi! As you figure out from the title of the post I am starting again my blog with weekly posts! I want to post every week one photo and write a little bit about the store behind the photo! Or anything that is beautiful and I would like to share it!

So the story behind this is photo is simple! Summer Holidays! I spent my summer holidays at Halkidiki where I have a little place I can go any time I want to escape the city! It was a very hot summer day with friends at the beach! Fun sea music drinks and friends! What more can I say about the pic!

Can you guess where?

Also I am not a native English speaker so any mistakes made I am really sorry! 😉

XoXo!! Smile…and everything will be ok!!